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Crossword Answers:arthur miller play set in a brooklyn waterfront neighborhood
AVIEWFROMTHEBRIDGEArthur Miller play set in a Brooklyn waterfront neighborhood
AVIEWFROMWith 23-Down, Arthur Miller play set in a Brooklyn waterfront neighborhood: 3 wds.
HORACEANDPETEWeb series set in a Brooklyn bar that costarred Edie Falco: 3 wds.
DEBASEMENTStorage spot in a Brooklyn home
LOMANLead role in a classic Arthur Miller play
DEATHOFASALESMANArthur Miller play in which Wendell Pierce made his West End stage debut in 2019
DEATH"___ of a Salesman" (Arthur Miller play)
SALESMAN1949 Arthur Miller play, Death of a ___
SALEMArthur Miller's play The Crucible is based on the infamous witch trials in this Massachusetts city
AVIEW"___ from the Bridge" (Arthur Miller play)
ALL"___ My Sons" (Arthur Miller play)
CRUCIBLEArthur Miller play, with "The"
ALL MY SONS *1947 Tony-winning Arthur Miller play
OFAArthur Miller play, Death ... Salesman (2,1)
ARCHANGELMain financial backer of a play set in a Russian port (9)
NO EXIT Sartre play set in a hotel room
STAINESPlay set in a Southern English town
DIVECOMEDYPlay set in a low-class bar?
SLEUTH1970 Anthony Shaffer play set in a Wiltshire country house (6)
PLAZA SUITE 1968 Neil Simon play set in a New York hotel (5,5)
AFTER1964 Arthur Miller stage play set in Idlewild Airport (5,3,4)
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