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Crossword Answers:belly dance clackers
ZILLSBelly dance clackers
SHIMMYBelly-dance move
OUDBelly dance lute
ABSBelly dance muscles
CANDYSweet type of belly dance without Belle (5)
ABEYANCESuspension for two lecturers leaving a belly dance (topless)
STOMPSon Mark absorbed by recollection of belly dance
MARACASingular clacker
CASTANETFinger clacker
BEADAbacus clacker
HULABelly-shaking dance
CHAMPAGNEPAUNCHAlternative to a beer belly?
FATBeer belly
BELLYBeer belly
POTBeer belly
STOMACHBeer belly
ORGANBeer belly
PORTLYBeer belly
ACHEBelly or back follower
OUTIEBelly protrusion
DEADBelly up
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Geisha's accessory
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