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Crossword Answers:city with one of the suny schools
ONEONTACity with one of the SUNY schools
FREDONIAWesternmost SUNY school
LAID OFF Got rid of American city with one to two parties (4,3)
ALENCONFrench city with one clan
AMATEURA friend goes to old city with one without expertise (7)
SOFIAForeign city with one installed in seat (5)
VETTURINICheck out European city with one's cab drivers there?
UTICACity with a SUNY branch
TWINNEDMatched or paired a city with one in a different country (7)
OSWEGOSUNY city on Lake Ontario
PUMASVGREATDANESU. of Maine (Augusta) - SUNY (Albany) rivalry?
RPICollege near SUNY Albany
CO HEAD One of a couple of school runners with one of the principals (2-4)
IRON ORE One of those heavy metal Deep Purple types with No 1 ran off initially with one of the sisters (4,3)
NEUROSISAn obsession with one of the notes coming out of the mint for a fair amount of Crisis (8)
TRIGGER HAPPY To be overly enthusiastic with one of the pieces could set off one of the Seven Dwarfs (7-5)
NEWSPAPER RACK Holds the papers for the star with one of The Frames (9,4)
ALIENLeaders almost lost it in the middle of Vienna with one of the foreigners (5)
HOB NOB Rub shoulders with one of The Drifters holding centre of attention with book (6)
FIBULALie in the middle of ambulance with one of the leggy types (6)
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