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Crossword Answers:creator of bluto and wimpy
ECSEGARCreator of Bluto and Wimpy
NAMBY PAMBIES Weak and wimpy people (5-7)
OYLCartoon characters Bluto and Popeye fought for the affection of Olive ...
DDAYFrat brother of Bluto in "Animal House"
OLIVE OYL Frequent victim of Bluto
TOONSBluto and Pluto
WEEDYSmall, dopy, heartless and wimpish (5)
ARCHRIVALSPopeye and Bluto, e.g.
TARSPopeye and Bluto, e.g.
OLIVEPopeye-Bluto bone of contention
DELTAHOUSECampus spot for Bluto, Otter and Boon
SAILORSPopeye and Bluto
BELUSHISJOHNFacilities for Bluto Blutarsky of "Animal House"?
LAINEMacneil of Diary of a Wimpy Kid
POPEYESpinach-eating cartoon character whose 'goil' is Olive Oyl and whose arch enemy is Bluto
TARBluto, for one
SAILORBluto, e.g.
GOBBluto, for one
UNHANDMEGLIOOrder from Popeye to Bluto about Olive
STRONGSAILORPopeye or Bluto?
RUNTPopeye, according to Bluto
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