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Crossword Answers:dawn of mammals epoch
EOCENEDawn of mammals epoch
SIRENIAOrder of mammals to which the dugong and manatee belong (the closest relative of this order on land
HERDA large group of mammals, especially a group of cattle or sheep (4)
HORSEFLYLarge insect, the female of which sucks the blood of mammals (8)
PRIMATESMembers of the group of mammals that includes humans, monkeys and apes (8)
MALLEUSLargest of the three small bones in the middle ear of mammals (7)
RODENTSConstituting approximately 40 per cent of mammal species, mammals characterised by a pair of continuouslygrowing incisors, such as mice, rats, squirrels, guinea pigs and chipmunks (7)
MARSUPIALSOrder of mammals
TAXIDERMISTMounter of mammals
UREAWaste product of mammals (4)
EMSRoughly 43% of mammals
CANINESTypes of mammals (7)
DERMOPTERAAn order of mammals, the flying lemurs (10)
UNGULATEGroup of mammals having hooves
PLACENTALLike a category of mammals
MANGESkin disease of mammals
OVAThe female reproductive cells of mammals
INCUSBone in the middle ear of mammals which is also called the anvil (5)
EDENTATAOrder of mammals having few or no teeth including.
INSECTIVORAOrder of mammals that includes hedgehogs, moles and shrews (11)
STAPESStirrup-shaped bone in the middle ear of mammals (6)
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