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Crossword Answers:divide into two equal parts
HALVEDivide into two equal parts
BISECTDivide into two equal parts (6)
BISECTSDivides into two equal parts
HALVEDDivided into two equal parts
BISECTEDCut into two equal parts (8)
HALVESDivides into two equal pieces
HALF AND HALF In two equal parts (4-3-4)
DOUBLEWith two equal parts
MOIETYOne of two equal parts
HALFEither of the two equal parts
KREMLINMilk and one of two equal parts of rennet churned up in Russian citadel (7)
ONE HALF One of two equal parts of a divisible whole (3-4)
EACH WAY Bet divided into two equal wagers (4-3)
EACH- way; a bet divided into two equal wagers, usually one for a win and one for a place (4)
FURCATEDivide into two parts
TWINDivide into two
POLARIZEDivide into two camps
SPLITDivide into two (5)
BIFURCATEFork, divide into two branches (9)
SPLITSDivides into two
PAIR OFF Divide into twos when the couple cancelled
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Old Norse poem
Vital organ
___ Zola
Father: L.
Cornish meat pie
Narrow gash
"___ of life"