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Crossword Answers:first leg of an itinerary
ATOBFirst leg of an itinerary
VIABy way of (part of an itinerary)
POINTAStart of an itinerary
KENTUCKY DERBY The first leg of the Triple Crown of horse racing in the US (8,5)
BETTORHALFFirst leg of a daily double?
SWAMParticipated in the first leg of a triathlon
SWUMLike the first leg of a triathlon
TUTORIALEgyptian king and old Irish king all missing first leg of training session (8)
HOUSE TRAIN First leg of rail commuter's journey: coach to go in the specifically provided container? (5-5)
GASKINPart of the leg of an equine animal between the stifle and hock (6)
HAUNCHLoin and leg of an animal (6)
OATESCaptain Lawrence ---, Antarctic explorer who died in 1912 on the return leg of an expedition to the South Pole (5)
CHURCHILLDSSite of a prestigious first leg
OCTADLegs of an arachnid, numerically
DOG SLED It runs odd legs of an Iditarod race
APORTOFCALLTo the left of a visit in an itinerary?
ROUTEChoice of roads in an itinerary (5)
FALTERFade after about the first leg... (6)
LEGIONGreat many working after first leg
REMAPAmend, as an itinerary
PLAN AHEAD Do an itinerary, say
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Minor altercation
Name of what was once the world's second-largest saltwater lake
Router attachments
Start to inhabit
Mentally sluggish
Late Queen of Soul
Moon race?
Something on the rise today
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