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Crossword Answers:fixed cord for a paratrooper
STATICLINEFixed cord for a paratrooper
HIGH JUMP Tough punishment suspending a paratrooper for ages?
ARAPAHOA paratrooper briefly put up house for native American
FALLDOWNONTHEJOBWork as a paratrooper?
LANYARDNeck-cord for a whistle
ROPEThick cord (for a lasso, eg) (4)
BUNGEEKind of cord for a daredevil
LINELength of cord for peg-hung laundry; a branch of a rail system; or, a row of printed words (4)
JUMPERWITHCORDSFittingly, the paratrooper wore a...
OPERABLEFit paratrooper, a blessing in disguise
LATCHSTRINGCord for opening a door
LEADCord for restraining a dog (4)
SKYMANParatrooper is Hebridean fellow, we hear (6)
NERVEIn a manner of speaking, hold one's lateral cord for one (5)
LANIARDSailor's cord for whistle or knife (7)
SKIPPING ROPE Missing cord for Jelly on the Plate (8,4)
FUSETube or cord for igniting an explosive (4)
CATGUTStrong cord for stitches, etc (6)
TYPOCord for Ford, perhaps
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