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Crossword Answers:flat bottomed boat
SCOWFlat bottomed boat
PRAMFlat-bottomed boat
DORYFlat-bottomed boat
BATEAUFlat-bottomed boat on the Seine
BARGELarge, flat-bottomed boat
GONDOLALong narrow flat bottomed boat (7)
LIGHTERFlat-bottomed boat (7)
PUNTOpen flat-bottomed boat (4)
PONTOONFlat-bottomed boat supporting bridge (7)
RAFTFlat-bottomed boat
SKIFFSmall flat-bottomed boat
PRAAMBaltic flat-bottomed boat (alt. sp.)
JUNKFlat-bottomed boat, clutter & heroin (4)
SAMPANFlat-bottomed boat
SCOWLEDGlowered as flat-bottomed boat came in first
PUNDITExpert girl in a flat-bottomed boat (6)
KESTRELBird's half of the way inside flat-bottomed boat
PONTOONSFlat-bottomed boats
DORIESFlat-bottomed boats
ARKSFlat-bottomed boats
BATEAUXFlat bottomed boats
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