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Crossword Answers:in a weird way
EERILYIn a weird way
ODDLYIn a weird way
WIREDCommunicated in a weird way (5)
STRANGELY'In a weird way ...'
WIDERIn a weird way, more comprehensive (5)
DYSENTERYNasty infection's trendy? Yes, in a weird way (9)
EERIEShow ease and return anger in a weird way (5)
YODAIn a Weird Al Yankovic song, he "looks like a Muppet, but he's wrinkled and green"
STRANGEWeird way to travel far and wide (7)
BLEEPONTHECREEPCensor's action on a weird radio call-in guest?
HEATHOn which a weird trio met a former prime minister?
WALLErected in the hall, a weird construction of bricks (4)
LOONBird with a weird cry
IBEFOREEStart of a weird infraction?
AESOPPoe's a weird story teller
CALLIGRAPHERCaught Raphael with girl, a weird writer (12)
AWEDread a weird experience, primarily (3)
ARUMA weird flower
NOMINATEMention a weird present (8)
PUNMany a Weird Al Yankovic title
ALICEShe had a weird dream
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