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Crossword Answers:lois of
TERILois of "Lois & Clark"
LANELois of Superman stories
HIHubby for Lois of the comic strips
CAINDean of "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman"
DEANCain of "Lois & Clark"
KENTClark of "Lois & Clark"
CLARKCo-worker of Lois and Jimmy
MORTCreator of Hi and Lois
NEILLLois Lane of '50s TV, Noel ___
SUPERMANLove of Lois
IRMANeighbor of Hi and Lois
DAWGPet of Hi and Lois
SOLITUDELois composed duet out of loneliness
AMY ADAMS Lois Lane in" Man of Steel"
NOELNEILLLois Lane player of early TV, whose first name is a hint to this puzzle's theme
LANE SMITH In Lois & Clark - The New Adventures Of Superman, he played Perry White. (4,5)
DEAN CAIN Portrayer of Superman on TV's "Lois & Clark"
ADAMSAmy ___, actress who plays Lois Lane in Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice (5)
TRIXIEYounger daughter of Hi and Lois, in comics
DIK"Hi and Lois" cartoonist Browne
DITTO"Hi & Lois" child
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