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Crossword Answers:lone star state sch
T S ULone Star State sch.
U T E PLone Star State sch. near the Rio Grande
T C ULone Star State sch.
S M ULone Star State sch.
TEXARKANALone Star State border town
ALAMOLone Star State siege site
TEXASAANDMAGGIELone Star State collegiate athlete
ASTROLone Star State ballplayer
PARIS TEXASLone Star State city
TEXANSLone Star State residents
LAMARLone Star State university
TEXAS RANGERLone Star State officer
TEXASUS "Lone Star" state
AGGIELone Star State athlete
TEXLone Star State moniker
AUSTINLone Star State city
MOCKINGBIRDLone Star State symbol
TEXANLone Star State resident
WACOA city in the Lone-Star state (4)
ABILENECity in Lone Star state
"Iliad" war god
Barack's younger daughter
Part of BYOB
Pierre-Auguste of impressionism
"North to the Future" state
Novelist Tyler
Betsy Ross, famously
Neuwirth of "Cheers"