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Crossword Answers:one ___ old ball game
OCATOne-___ (old ball game)
CATOne o' ___ (old ball game)
ON TVI'm not a doctor but I play one ___ (old ad phrase): 2 wds.
ONEOCATOld ball game
JACKSThe old ball game?
NINEINNINGSMakeup of the old ball game
PALL MALLOld ball game
FIVESNumbers of old ball games (5)
SHIBEOld ball park in Philadelphia
MACEOld ball and chain?
SPHAEROld ball with harps playing around entrance initially
KEEPONESCOOLTake it easy with room and board for old Ball in Clones building (4,3-1,4)
CLEWSaid what you've got here is an old ball of thread (4)
MISSISSIPPI GIRLFaith Hill song with the lyric "I still like wearin' my old ball cap, ridin' my kids around piggyback"
ONE OWith 62-Down, old ball game
EXPOMember of a former ball club from Montreal
LEATHERYTough as old balls? (8)
A CATOne-___: ball game
E S P NOne channel to catch a ball game
NO HITTEROne kind of ball game.
Chorus line leader?
Part of a winter stash
Cataleptic state
Elite groups
___ Trail (Everglades highway)
Added on, botanically
Onetime place for Saddam Hussein's image
Without doubt