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Crossword Answers:one of the furies
MEGAERAOne of the Furies
ALECTOOne of the Furies
ERINYSAny of the Furies
ORESTESGreek victim of the Furies
FUR I ALEOf the furies, furious, e.g. ____ carmen, Livy 10.41
ALEEOut of the fury of the storm
ERINYESDepicted in William-Adolphe Bouguereau's Orestes Pursued by the Furies, the collective name for the Greek deities corresponding to the Roman Dirae (7)
TRIOThe Furies or the Fates, e.g.
EUMENIDESAnother name for the Furies or the Erinyes in Greek mythology
DIRAEThe Furies
CRONESThe Furies, e.g.
HADESGod served by the Furies
FAULKNERThe Sound And The Fury writer of the Southern US, William ...
IREThe fury of one sapper (3)
RITTDirector of "Sounder" and "The Sound and the Fury"
H M S'He's never known to quail at the fury of a gale; And he's never, never sick at sea!'; he's the capt
SLOANE RANGERSW1 toff beginning to sample the fury of the bank manager?
TISIPHONEOne of the three Erinyes, or Furies, in Greek mythology; sister of Alecto and Megaera (9)
BEWARE'___ the fury of a patient man': Dryden
CADDYTin for loose tea; or, a character in The Sound and the Fury by William Faulkner (5)
Butter portions
Hockey equipment
Family whose members rule a country
Assumed identity
Canadian singer
Princess's headpiece
Above-average grade
Something forbidden
Light used between green and red
"Brokeback Mountain" director Lee