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Crossword Answers:summer on the seine
TEESTSummer on the Seine
ETESummer on the Seine
ETESSummers on the Seine
ENETEIn the summer, on the Somme
FALL TO PIECES Collapse in Boston after the summer on the way to find constituents (4,2,6)
RADIODonna Summer's "On the ___"
NOTICEA sign of summer on the Canadian lake? (6)
MARCSummers on the Food Network
SALUTEGreeting the start of summer on a musical instrument (6)
TEETOTALLEROne dry summer on odd parts of the Med
MERITEDDeserved to finish the summer on a fancy diet (7)
HOTELAccommodation in summer on railway? (5)
RESUMMON? Call again for summer on rotation (8)
INAUGURALIt may be delivered towards end of summer on river
RHEIMSTown on the Seine that was the capital of the former province of Champagne (6)
PARISReferred to as the city of light, French capital on the Seine with the Velib' public bike sharing system (5)
AOUTSummer month, on the Seine
EGALThe same, on the Seine
ROOSEVELTAmerican President who spent summers on Campobello Island in New Brunswick
ROUENWith a cathedral depicted in a series of paintings by Monet, a city on the Seine serving as the capi
OUIAssent on the Seine
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"Myra Breckinridge" author
Sushi bar soup
Potluck staple
Spiral pasta
Retired seven-foot NBAer
Scottish Celt
Org. concerned with crowns
Frat house letter