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Crossword Answers:top of the alps
SKIHATTop of the Alps?
SKICAPTop of the Alps?
SCHIOItalian town at the foot of the Alps northwest of Vicenza (5)
GRENOBLEFrench city on the Isere sometimes called the "capital of the Alps" (8)
FOHNWind on the northern slopes of the Alps
CISALPINEOn the Roman side of the Alps
SKI TOW Christy Small is involved in broadcast offering the highs and lows of the Alps (3,3)
OUIAssent of the Alps
ITALYCountry south of the Alps
HEIDIFictional girl of the Alps
ROSAMonte ___ (second-highest of the Alps)
EIGERPeak of the Alps
MONT___ Blanc, highest of the Alps
BISENorth wind of the Alps
FOEHNWarm down-slope wind of the Alps
ALPOne of The Alps
YODELCry of the Alps
SNOWYPEAKSCharacteristics of The Alps: 2 wds.
BLANCMont ___ (highest of the Alps)
EDELWEISSComposite plant of the Alps
ETNAHighest Italian peak south of the Alps
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