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Crossword Answers:wooden horse saga
ILIADWooden horse saga
CHESTNUTWooden horse
TRESTLEWooden horse
TROJANWooden horse occupant
TROYWooden horse recipient
ODEPoem of the wooden horse (3)
ODYSSEUSMythical deviser of the Wooden Horse of Troy plan (8)
SINONGreek warrior who told the Trojans that the wooden horse was a gift to the gods
LAOCOONIn Greek mythology, a priest who warned against accepting the wooden horse of the Greeks into Troy
ULIXESLatin name for Greek traveller and trickster; "sic notus ____?" says Laocoon, doubting the wooden horse
MERRY GO ROUND Ride with wooden horses
INTROBeginning where the wooden horse was not unknown
SOAMES"Forsyte Saga" role
BOVA"The Kinsman Saga" author Ben
ATLI"Volsunga Saga" monarch
IRENE"The Forsyte Saga" lady
TOLET"The Forsyte Saga" novel
ALLIN"___ the Family": Bunker saga
ROOTS'___: The Saga of an American Family'
EDDA15th Century Old Norse poetic saga
ALAMO1960 John Wayne saga, with "The"
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